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Platform Partners

Companies that will help you set up your HR data platform with HR Cloud Solutions components.


Component Selection Partners

Companies that will help you select the right HRMS components to suit your business needs using HR Cloud Solutions online specification and best fit products


Gamification Partners

Companies that will help you design and implement business games using the HR Cloud Solutions games template.  

Integration Partners - Organizations with Expertise in HR and

HR Cloud Solutions refers clients to companies with a proven track record in integrating HRMS components (including legacy applications) into a total solution.


Other Partners

Specialists in multimedia production, including web design, product promotion and e-commerce sites. Experienced designers using the very popular Adobe Business Catalyst.



data model for hr cloud solutions

HR Cloud Solutions offer a comprehensive data model containing over 100 objects and 2,500 data elements. The model describes field types and attribute details. Clients may build their own applications to industry standard to allow plug-in capability for components built to the same model.

plugin platform for hr cloud solutions

HR Cloud Solutions provides a pre-built plug-in framework on the platform to accelerate custom development. The platform is built according to the data model. HR Cloud Solutions provide a component registry to locate objects and components that can plug-in to the integration points or copy and paste formulas for rules or picklists for content.

startup application for hr cloud solutions

HR Cloud Solutions offer a start-up set of 10 objects to trial the FREE development platform. Clients may migrate to the plug-in platform if they decide to develop with the tools.