Cloud-based platform technology for business applications has now reached maturity, component technology enabled by microservices is becoming mainstream, and new methodoligies requires services to support the new direction for HR technology investment. Blockchain technology is now emerging as the new innovative platform for HR technology. HR Cloud Solutions, along with Competitive Edge Technology and HR Microservices, now offer the full range of services.

The implementation of the platforms and integration of the Company's HRMS Legacy Apps is the focus of HR Cloud Solutions and partners.

Making your HR Technology Platform Blockchain Ready

HR Cloud Solutions support HR platform development and business user customizations by providing downloadable pre-built objects in the form of an application framework known as the HR Data Platform or unified database shown in the diagram above..Contact us to find out more.

Professional Services Offered

Professional Services

Component Selection We help you select the right mix of components for your current needs and help you identify a replacement component if the business needs changes.
Application Framework We help you get a flying start on your custom development extension to your system of record by providing an application framework with pre-built components.
Custom Development We help you build custom components on the platform. Our partners have the in-depth expertise for hard jobs but we work with business users to custom build components using copy and paste code from the Code Store, if necessary.
Component Assembly We help you assemble, or plug in, your components on the application framework and drag and drop fields you don't need now and assemble the right workflow, report and dashboard components for immediate use.
Platform Extension We help you identify the functional gap in your current, or proposed, system and build and integrate the new components to provide a full solution to your HR technology needs.